How to place an ad in Website

This article explains How to place an ad in Website.

Get the info to us

Send us your ad and images for placement via email, whatsapp, or facebook. You can also call us at phone (868)356-1030, 777-6299 to speak to a representative who would be happy to assist

For Bulk Advertisers

A bulk advertiser can benefit by placing multiple ads at a time with a discount, or we recommend that the be able to place and manage their on ads with our <b>Authorized Access Pass Key</b> that can be acquired for a fixed duration, like 6 months, 12 months, two years, and so on... Bulk advertisers who wish to get more info on getting our <b>Authorized Access Pass Key</b> can contact us at (868)356-1030 or 777-6299. For info on the cost of bulk advertising, see here

Cost for single ads

Single ads are cost according to duration: 

3 Months: $375. TT

6 Months: $500.TT

12 Months: $800. TT

Business ads and banners

For business packages please contact us at (868)356-1030 or 777-6299, or email

<b>Payment avenues</b>

Payments can be made 

1. At our office located in Esperance Village, San Fernando. For directions to where we are, please  Click Here

2. At Paywise Facility (Lotto Booth located throughout Trinidad and Tobago) for info Click Here

3. By credit card online

For more info on payments,

please contact us at (868)356-1030 or 777-6299,

or email